Recommend to a friend for double fun and 10% off for each

Recommend a Friend

As a thanks for supporting our IT club and telling other parents about it we are offering you a 10% discount every week that your child and a friend you bring along both attend. These savings add up and of course the more friends they introduce, the higher the discount. You could even end up with some free weeks!

  1. The discount of 10% off the club weekly fee will be deducted when paying.
  2. The friend must be someone who hasn’t previously attended one of our clubs.
  3. Both your child and the new friend must both attend the same wee-end in order to both qualify for the discount.
  4. Your child may invite as many friends along as they like, with each one earning you an additional 10% off, again only for the session that your child and their friends are both / all present.
  5. The maximum discount is 100% (if your child introduces 10 friends who are all present your week will be free). If eleven come the discount is capped and non-transferable.
  6. Those currently paying in advance for their club fees are not able at this time to take part in this Recommend a Friend promotion (advance payers already receive a discount for booking a batch of lessons together).
  7. Where you have two children who come to Club and already take advantage of the sibling discount you will still be eligible for 10% off. The 10% will be taken off one of your children’s payments (i.e. the child whose friend attends), not both.

What other parents say about the Club:

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Good value

My son really enjoys "code club", very relaxed supportive environment where he has fun learning through play.

Nicki Folkstone 27-03-2015