Offline Games

Computer Science is not only about computer time. With the Un-Plugged activities (offline games), we are developing valuable computer skills (problem solving, attention focusing and so on) away from the computer.

  • Pattern Recognition Game

    Pattern Recognition Game

    Offline activity that uses board games to improve pattern recognition skills
  • IT Quiz

    IT Quiz

    One of the most popular offline games it covers everything from simple maths and play on words to hardware, software…
  • Program the Teacher Game

    Program the Teacher Game

    Write a set of instructions to make the teacher do funny stuff
  • De-Coding Game

    De-Coding Game

    An exiting journey into the history of coders, starting from Julius Caesar all the way to the binary code
  • Perspective game

    Perspective game

    An intriguing offline game about understanding new perspectives of the same situation as the first step in code debugging