1. What is the Club about?

  • We are offering a fun, low cost week-end activity which allows children to enhance their IT skills and knowledge in a safe environment amongst like-minded IT fans. Working with both offline and online tools we will be showing the children through exploration activities that the world of computers is not simply limited to game consoles or social media accounts.


2. Who can come to the IT Club?

  • If your child is aged 6 years to 16 years old, has a thirst for IT knowledge and is looking for something fun, exciting and interesting to do over the week-ends then our IT Club should tick all of their boxes.


3. How do I book?

  • Because there is a limited amount of spaces for each club (5 for the IT Club, 8 for the Lego Club), booking your spot is the best way to avoid disappointment. To do that, please go on the homepage of Learn2Code http://learn2code.club/ and click the calendar in the middle of the page. If for some reason, it doesn’t wrok, please send us an email and we will book it for you.


4. Where is it?


5. Can I park there?

  • Yes, free parking is available.


6. When is this taking place?

  • Sessions take place every week-end, during the school year as well as school holidays, Saturdays from 2:30pm for the IT Club and Thursdays from 5pm for the Lego Club. Please book online here http://learn2code.club/ by clicking on the calendar in the middle of the page. If for


7. How many children can come at a time?

  • All sessions will hold a maximum of 5 children for the IT Club and maximum 8 for the Lego Club, so that each child receives the optimum level of tutor attention they need and deserve to fully enjoy the sessions and learn.


8. Is this safe?

  • All our staff is CRB (DSB) checked; all computers have strict parental controls in place and work inside a secured network so that any online time will be closely monitored in order to provide a safe environment for learning.


9. Is there a reward for the child?

  • At the end of the course all the children will receive a diploma certificate showing that they have completed the course. A fun open day will be held where the children may receive their certificates, show off what they have learned, display and explain their work.


10. It is quite possible that my child will be missing some sessions during the holidays. Would that be OK?

  • The way we learn about computers and programming is based mostly on discovery, play and hands on experience but not on curriculum, so even if the child will be missing some sessions it will be easy to catch up.


11. What can I do during the club time?

  • If you would like to stay while the club is in session free tea or coffee are available as well as WIFI internet access. If you would like to get some other things done during this time, a Sainsbury supermarket is just 3 minutes drive away and the Hythe High Street is 7 minutes drive away; a hand car wash is conveniently situated just near the IT Club.


12. How much will it cost?

  • Each 90 minutes session costs £10 or £16 for two siblings.
  • A further 10% discount is available for those who pay in advance for the whole term.


13. If my child doesn’t like it, do I get a refund?

  • The first session is free!


14. How can I pay?

  • Payment may be made with cash, major debit or credit cards or via PayPal; online payments will soon be available too.


15. I know that my child would love this, but I’m afraid I might not afford it …

  • After the first lesson, please spare a few minutes for a friendly and discreet chat with our manager, who might be able to come up with a solution for this (please mention “FAQ 14”).


16. Is Learn2Code.club suitable for my child with learning difficulties/ special needs?

  • Absolutely. Here at Learn2Code.club we are keen to encourage all children to attend, regardless of their ability level. Our sessions are made up of no more than five children per tutor which enables group members to enjoy the benefit of extra time with tutors when required.
    Why not come along to a session with your child (the first session is free, anyway) to see how it would work for yourself? We would then be happy to discuss ways in which we can support your child together for future sessions, and find ways to make your child’s time within our popular Learn2Code.club both fun and educationally valuable.


17. Is this kind of club available for older children too?

  • Not at the moment, but we would like to offer this opportunity if enough people show their interest.


18. Do you offer IT courses for adults as well?

  • Please speak with a member of staff about your plans and we will be happy to help.


19. Where can I see the the full Terms and Conditions?